"It is a rarity these days in the money-mad film business to encounter someone with Mark Hunt’s passion, energy and enthusiasm. I've worked for over twenty years as a producer, senior researcher and consultant on both television and feature films for some impassioned producers and directors (such as Michael Apted, Jonathan Demme, and Woody Allen) and I can tell you that few of my associates approach their work with the kind of generosity and heart displayed by Mark Hunt.

On "Tom Dowd & the Language of Music," Mark worked hard to put together a strong team of investors and production professionals who could carry out the vision of the filmmaker.  I was pleased that he found me, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my work association with him. I’ve been especially impressed by his openness, his ability to communicate and his general good nature.


I get the idea that Mark only accepts projects that he believes in 100%, and as a producer he works tirelessly to persuade others of the project’s value, and to inspire them to invest accordingly themselves. He approaches production difficulties with intelligence, and is not afraid to jump in and take on additional responsibilities. Mark is dedicated, smart and resourceful, and I certainly look forward to working with him again in the future."

—  Kati Meister, Producer

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